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Un colectiv de 41 de specialisti din mai multe domenii ale stiintei si sociologiei, precum si experti cu capacitati cognitive si paranormale dezvoltate au elaborat un set de predictii stiintifice pentru anul 2011. Acestia au dorit ca specifice ca nu este vorba despre predictii de tip Nostradamus, ori Vanga, ci pe calcule probabilistice complexe, dar si bazate pe experienta acestora, acumulata in ani de cercetare, dar si cunoastere si studiu temeinic. O mare parte dintre acestia sunt profesori universitari la institute cu renume in domeniul cercetarii, dupa cum anunta revista online The Globe, care citeaza un articol publicat de USA Today. Iata aceste predictii: (more…)


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The days we’re living in makes us mere puppets into this slavery society. We might think we’re all awesome and smart, but in fact, we aren’t. We are brainwashed by every subliminal that gets into our head, it doesn’t matter if it’s from some TV commercial, programme, some song or even other brainwashed persons. The human mind is the most complex part in our body (that’s why if something around the human brain is damaged it hurts like shit compared to other parts in our body, for example, the teeth or eyes, and so on). Our brain is our tool to become gods, and create our own universe. Yes, I know that this world we’re living in is the pure land of confusion, full of stupid people unaware of what they actually want from life (even though they say they do know, trust me, they don’t, and that can be observed from their behavior, life, their everything). This world might be shitty, but let’s face the truth: it’s been like this for a bunch of years, and it’s not gonna change. You can’t change the world, but you can change your world, starting with you. You don’t like something? Then face yourself, no matter how hard it might be to do this, and do inner changes into your soul, and find out who you really are. And I’m telling you, you’re not the nameless dude who’s having a pathethic life, thinking you’re cool, caged by lots of frustrations and complexes, no, you are much more than this. You are free. Freedom is a choice, like happiness and the person you love. Everything what happens into your life is based on the choices you take every moment. The way you think influence your entire life, because thoughts itself have life. If you don’t control your mind, others will. It’s up to you if you want to be free, or live under the illusion of being free. If you want to be really happy and have the life you want, or to think you are.

If you really want to control your mind, then begin with this book. Ignore the catchy title which is explained into the prologue, and start reading. Filter the information as you feel, tho.

http://www.scribd.com/doc/2532766/God-Wants-You-Dead (more…)

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