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“The first person that talked about Atlantis was Plato. Plato is, and was, extremely respected. We’ve used most of Plato’s stuff except the three books he wrote about Atlantis. When he wrote these books, in all of them he mentions that this is not some story. This is factual. He says he got it from the high priests in Egypt.

Plato’s Atlantis

He describes a very advanced civilization that has a source of power they call a crystal of extreme power. I believe that this is the crystal that can be built to create a link to the geometry of space.

UFO’s and God

I was starting to read the Bible and I was finding these places of the description of God. With it cam words like, ‘the throne of God was the crystal seat… Many references to crystal.

The story of Ezekiel and Enoch, which is not a book of the Bible… (The book of) Enoch was found in Ethiopia (and) was never re-edited. It was translated directly from the original text. In both these accounts they described some kind of ship that shows up in a big cloud and then they say a door opens and God called me onto his ‘boat’. Inside it described the throne of God as crystals with rainbows all around them. I think he was describing the power, the drive of that ship.

As I read the Bible, I realized something I never noticed before. Most of the bible, the Old Testament, is describing that something is very, very strange. When the Old Testament talks about God, it doesn’t say, ‘and God,’ it says, ‘in the Ark of the Covenant of God.’

It turns out that the whole Old Testament is describing the comings and goings of the arks of the covenant, except for Genesis which described the start.

Even when you read Genesis in the context of what we saw today you find that actually it’s describing something very similar to the account of Atlantis given by Plato. A civilization that develops a very advanced technology and that allows them to live very, very long.


In the bible there’s chapter after chapter describing people living 600 and 800 years. Eventually society was flooded, which is what Plato said happened to Atlantis. So actually, Genesis could be an account of Atlantis.

I realized that the Temple of Solomon was built for only one purpose: to host the Ark of Covenant at its center. The holiest of holy. The power of power, the ark. I didn’t think that the Judaic tradition was about the same object that they called the seat of God.

In Genesis, it talks about the tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve (and) the apple. Interestingly, if you cut an apple in half you get a double torus with a seed in the middle which contains the possibility for another whole apple tree. The singularity, which has apples and the singularity and apples and singularity and apples… and so on.

Genesis 4:24: When man began to increase on the earth…

This describes the sons of God that came to earth, so they were not from the earth and had children with the women of the earth. I started to realize, ‘wait a minute, was this planetary system seeded?’

In anthropology, we’re missing a huge link between the ancient Neanderthal and so on, and the modern homo sapien. That link that we’re missing is getting wider and wider (the) more records we get. There’s new skulls that have been discovered that makes it harder for that link to make.

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The Bible

“I had an aversion (to the Bible) from my childhood. I had terrible experiences with the catholic Church. It was like school. I really didn’t want to look at it. I was determined to study all of the other religions first. I’ve given week long seminars and even in the week, I don’t have time to go through all this stuff.

I went to my local church and I actually “borrowed” it (the Bible). I was thinking, ‘What is this whole thing about?” I started to study it deeper and deeper. I was kind of stunned to find out that Newton had spent almost 20 years studying ancient cabalistic esoteric tradition long before he wrote anything on physics.

Actually, there’s a book of his memoirs that says all of the physics that he wrote, he pulled directly from the study of the cabalistic traditions. Most people don’t know that. And he actually made a whole map of the floor plan of the Temple of Solomon because he felt that if we could understand the floor plan of the Temple of Solomon, we could understand the foundation of the universe. He was convinced, that bedded in the cabalistic tradition…in the ancient Jewish tradition, there was the key to be found of creation. So he dug for many years and he extrapolated all of his laws of physics out of them. He obviously didn’t understand some of the foundations of a cabalistic tradition which eliminates the possibility for a closed system.

So I got a Bible. One thing I knew is that, from what I remember from my education from the Catholic Church, God according to the Catholic Church was an old man with a beard, sitting on a throne somewhere with a pair of binoculars and a 2×4 and every time you screwed up, he’d hit you behind the head. I was kind of terrified of that God very early in my life.

So when I started my research, I was kind of surprised to find out that actually the throne of God in Judaic tradition is not described as an old man with a beard sitting on a throne but actually as a throne with a tetrahedron on it. I thought, ‘whoa, that’s different!’

And then there was like 7 angels radiating into that tetrahedron. All the way through this investigation it was clear to me that if you understand the structure of the vacuum… the structure of the foundation of creation… you can reproduce it in the technology which creates the resonance pattern between the geometry space (the geometry of the structure of the vacuum) and the technology itself. If you could create that resonance link of the sun, then you would download a huge amount of energy from the vacuum itself.

You build a mini black hole. To build such a mini black hole you’d probably need crystals because crystals, appropriately cut and appropriately resonated, would be the perfect material to make that link since crystal molecules are actually tetrahedral. The crystal molecules are very coherent if you have good crystals and if they were cut in the appropriate geometry of the 64 tetrahedron grid. With the right gases involved, you could create those types of dynamics.

I believe that many “New Age” people remember the power of the crystal because they remember that technology.”

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